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This is the English wiki for the PSP game Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child!! and its sequel for 3DS and PS Vita Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Atlus, who have also contributed by dubbing voices as well.



Conception is a series of role-playing games with dungeon exploration, turn-based battles, and certain "dating simulator" elements.



Heroines: (Left to right), Feene Glass, Serina Leaf, Fuuko Amicus, Ellie Troit, Narika Shina, Torri Feiiji and Chloe Genus.


Character Information about all of the characters
Item Items available in the game.
Event The Main Event and Heroine Bond Events
Monster Enemies including bosses and monsters.
Quest The Quests available in the game.
World Guide Extra information of the game including background information.
Achievement Gained by doing something specific within the game.



Conception II Children of the Seven Stars Full Trailer

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