Dusk Spawners are the main antagonists within the game. According to the History of Aterra, Dusk spawners were created by 'people's desires' which led to an increase in Dusk (assuming that there was naturally already Dusk) causing an imbalance to the world and later causing the excess Dusk to accumulate in various regions of the world, eventually forming Dusk Circles. These events were prior to around 20 years ago, before the protogonist was born and around the time Aterra Academy was founded. 


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The appearance of a Dusk Spawner

Dusk Spawners appear as a purple mist, with animal-like features. they are depicted with a horn on their head, yellow and orange eyes with sharp teeth. However, in labyrinths, it appears that God's Gift has the ability to identifiy these monsteres induvidually and thus, making their appearance significantly different. However, in regular in-game cutscenes (and appart from bosses and labyrinth fights), Dusk Spawners take all the same appearance, without an identification of what they really look like. It's unknown if this is due to the use of Dusk or something that just wasn't included. To see more about Dusk Spawners, go to this article.

Humans into Dusk SpawnersEdit

Prior to the Main Event(s), it was possible that humans exposed to a high concentration of Dusk could become a Dusk Spawner. This was later discovered by the handout of the drug, Trigger, causing students to make changes in darker emotions until eventually taking the app

earance of a Dusk Monster.



The first boss, Asmodeus, appearing in the first labyrinth.

Bosses are Dusk Spawners who appear on the final floor prior to the labyrinth. These Dusk Spawners are also the causing of spawning of Dusk monsters and hence, need to be defeated in order to stop the spawning of Dusk monsters. However, as Ruby had stated upon the first encounter with Asmodeus, she said that the boss of the labyrinth regenerates unless a Sealing Matryoshka can be used, which is used to seal its power and used to sterilise the dusk circle.

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