Fuuko Amicus


Fuuko Battle Stance

Alias: 'Bubble girl' 'Fffukko' Race: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Blood Type: A
Height: 158cm/5'2
Weight: 47kg
Bust/Chest: 83 (B cup)
Waist: 57
Hips: 83
Hair: Light pink
Eye: Teal blue
Brand: green
Element: WATER
Weapon: Zero Zwei/Oceanus
High Stats: LUC
Low Stats: MAT
Occupation: None
Relatives: Unknown
Stat shape
English Voice:  Kate Higgins
Japanese Voice:  Lynn

One of the main heroines and the first Disciple the protagonist encounters. She has a bright and brave personality, and is honest with anyone she meets.

Appearance Edit

Fuuko has teal blue eyes and light pink hair that is put up in twintails. Her hair is held by her black and green cat ear headphones, which she always wears. Alike to the other Heroines, Fuuko is seen wearing her female S-Rank uniform.

Swimsuit: Fuuko is often seen wearing a bikini during her heroine events, due to her being a member of the swim team in Aterra Academy. She wears a pink and white stripped bikini. However, during one of her events, she instead decides to wear a blue bikini.

Battle Suit: Fuuko's battle suit consits of a white and green colour theme. Around her neck is a bell, adorned to a open white jacket that goes to her waist. At the ends, it has almost a petal motif.She wears a short black dress, revealing her cleavage and she is wearing thigh-length socks and small white boots. Around her thighs are two holders for her main weapon: Zero Zwei.

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Fuuko's Ending


'Fuuko' is a Japanese name meaning 'child of the wind'. Interestingly, however, Fuuko's element focuses on water. Although, depending on the spelling of Fuuko's name, slightly varies its meaning. However, the overall meaning is wind. The name originates from the Japanese 楓 (fuu) "maple" and 子 (ko) "child." Or 風 (fuu) "wind" and 楓 (fuu) "maple" combined with 子 (ko) "child". Which is spelt 楓子, 風子, ふうこ ( in hiragana), or フウコ ( in katakana) Fuuko's name is spelt フウコ in the Japanese version.

Her surname, 'Amicus' is Latin for 'friend' or 'comrade', which probably explains her description as 'friendly' and that she is the first female comrade to join in battle.

likes: Fresh croquettes, fancy tracksuits, A protector

Dislikes: Bugs and ghosts, hurting people, making decisions

Characteristics: Generous, Healthy, Wallflower

* "Aheheh..You don't mince words do you..."(response to Serina)

  • "D-Does it look good on me?" (Equipped supernova chip and weapon upgrade)


Dungeon Edit

  • "Was there something good inside?" (Obtained item)
  • "S-Stay calm and be careful!" (Hit by Trap)
  • "Feeling good. I should keep this up!" (After Battle)
  • "We won!" (After battle)
  • "Is that it?" (After Battle)
  • "It's in my sight." (Special move)
  • "I think I can do it." (Special move)
  • "Level up!" (Levelled up)
  • "Everyone, get ready for the next attack!"
  • "These clothes reveal more than my swimsuit." (When exploring Labyrinth)
  • "Ah, my clothes are all sweaty..Ick." (When exploring Labyrinth)
  • "I get restless in labyrinths." (When exploring Labyrinth)


  • (Battle against Leviathan) "A Dusk Spawner that even Alec's team couldn't stand up against...But we can do is fight with everything we have...Alright! Let's go!"