Monokuma from Dangan Ronpa

Alias: Unlockable Boss
Gender: Male
Height: 75 cm (2' 6")
Available: Quests: Monokuma Strikes and Monokuma's Revenge
Location: Blue Garden
Floor: Upper Floor 05
Rewards: (Monokuma Strikes): 20000G, Monokuma badge, (Monokuma's Revenge):Upgrade Parts EXA

Monokuma (モノクマ Monokuma) is an unlockable boss in the game Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars. He appears in the quest Monokuma Strikes with the reward of 20000G and a Monokuma Badge. He appears in the circle seed Blue Garden, on the final floor (Upper floor 05).

Monokuma Strikes was released in 6/10/2014 and Monokuma's Revenge was released in 6/17/2014. Both of these are available in the Comm Station as DLC, free of cost.

How to obtainEdit

Monokuma is available at Comm Station as a downloadable DLC that doesn't need to be purchased. There are two missions available involving Monokuma. One named 'Monokuma Strikes' and the other 'Monokuma's Revenge'. Monokuma's Revenge rewards the player with Upgrade Parts EXA, and can only be accessed after Monokuma Strikes is completed.


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 16.38.23
Monokuma's entire body is split vertically, with radically different designs on each side that represent good and evil. Depending on his mood, he may turn his body to emphasize one side; he shows his "good" side when happy, relieved, or teasing, and displays his "bad" side when angry, mocking, or ruthless.

Monokuma's right side is white in color and has the classic teddy bear expression. His left side is black in color, with a wide grin that spreads beyond his muzzle and a jagged red slash for an eye. In close-ups, a number of concentric rings can be seen within the red eye. When angry or otherwise emotional, Monokuma's left eye glows red and the teeth on the left side of his mouth morph into sharp fangs.

The only parts of Monokuma's body that aren't split between white and black are his muzzle and belly area, which both remain white. He also has a bulging navel with an X mark on it, and retractable white claws in his paws.

Game Appearance(s)Edit

In Dangan Ronpa - Monokuma

Monokuma is the main antagonist within this game.

In conception 2: children of the seven stars

Monokuma is on level 25 and has a weak point from the back. He is a non-elemental boss. He has the skills: time for Punishment!/I'm mad at you!/Good Mornin!/Stare of Death

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  • Monokuma appear's in Spike Chunsoft's game: Dangan Ronpa as the main antagonist. 
  • Monokuma's Revenge is only available to those who clear 'Monokuma Strikes'. 
  • Monokuma does not appear in the Main Event or as a Main Event boss.